As a tribute to the beautiful and talented
    matriarch of our family, we present this online
    art gallery - a collection of her paintings.

Seascape Salted Wind Purple Waters Vacation Sunset Raging Cliffs Crashing Waves Undertow Sunset Beach Lighthouse Lighthouse View Wild Waters Waves at Night Sunset Shores Moonlit Waters Moonrise Three Poppies Floral Spray Spring Collection Spring Blossom Hollyhocks Red Flowers Spring Basket Flower Basket Roses Centerpiece Hanging Pot Blossoms White Flowers Purple Trio Arrangement Three Roses Warm Blossom Blossoms Hanging Basket Daylillies Purple Lillies Peppermint Lillies Curiosity Tulips in Snow Window View Wildflower Lilacs Flowers White Blooms Still Life Fushia Flowers and Buds Lillies in the Dark Night Bloom Purple Petals Blue Blossoms Simple Daisies Iris Amorillas Pepper Harvest Butterflies Ducklings Spring Song View from the Tree Safe Haven Hummingbirds Butterfly Blossom Winter Bluebird Autumn Harvest Elephant Wildcat Wisdom Arctic Guard Wolf Snacking Panda Cougar Underwater Buck Lion King Skunk Zebra Harvest Brewing Storm Mountain View Mountain Clouds Mountain Sunset Mystic Canyon Rose Lit Forest Sunset in Winter Majestic Sunset Quiet Sunset Winter Mountain Winter Cabin Cabin View Mountain Cabin Winter Sunset Winter Lake Frozen Waters Mountain in Winter Icy Lake After Autumn Arctic Cabin Northern Lights Tropic Wind Mountain Lake Forest View Mountain Falls Mountain Stream Mountain Shadow Mountain Snow Autumn Falls Pink Sunset Scenic Trail Canyon Mist Fairy Valley Tranquil River Winter Trail Tranquil Stream Forest Light Forest Falls Falling Tree Green Way Nauvoo Home Falling Waters Garden Gate Aspen and Flowers Wildflower Path Peaceful Harbor Christmas in the Wild


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